In the Jewish tradition, we leave a stone on the gravesite of someone we visit. As we cannot leave a physical stone when visiting the website of tombstones, we can leave a story as a kind of electronic stone. You can submit a memory or story of a loved one.


  • Find the person you would like to submit the story for by either using the search box on this page, or browsing the stones
  • Write the story and paste it into the designated space at the bottom of the page.

The text will be reviewed and some copyediting may be done before posting. We reserve the right NOT to post any story. Please limit submission to 500 words or less.

Sample Story:

About Ephraim FederWhen I was very young, I wanted a Mickey Mouse watch, as I was a fan of the popular TV show called “The Mickey Mouse Club”. My Uncle Ephraim sold these watches in his jewelry store. Uncle Ephraim told me that if I learned to tell the time, he would give me one. What motivation! My parents helped me, and as soon as I learned to tell the time, I went to Uncle Ephraim’s. He asked me to tell him what time it was, and since I read his watch correctly, he gave me my own Mickey Mouse watch! This first watch is one I will never forget.

Source: Lynne Davis, Great Niece of Ephraim Feder