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Sample Biography:

Herman “Hymie” Moraff (Murawczyk, Moravchik) (1894-1972) was born in 1894 in Kazhanhorodok, Belarus. He was one of four boys and five girls. He arrived in Sydney in 1910 and accompanied his Aunt Riva (Rose) Moravchik Marshall from Belarus. She was 22 years old and was not married which was considered disgraceful at that time. She was very beautiful and her cousin Pearl Gaum wrote home to say that there were many bachelors and she should come to Cape Breton. Hymie was sent to accompany her. According to Larry Gaum’s “From Belarus to Cape Breton and Beyond” (p. 40), Hymie and Riva are recorded as “Muravczik” on the purser’s list of the S.S. Prinz Adalbert, September 2, 1910.

Once in Sydney, Hymie worked for Louis Gaum and learned tailoring. He had a ticket to return home but the family persuaded him to stay. After working in Halifax for a while, he returned and opened his store. He had two stores, one next to Manson’s Drug Store on Victoria Road and another at the bottom of Dominion Street near the gate to the steel plant. He specialized in books, magazines, smoking supplies and confectionary. He married Ida Feder and had five daughters, Evelyn, Shirley, Sybil, Thelma and Bernice (Betty). The stores evolved over time to include ladies wear and millinery. For many years he operated Moraff’s Ladies Wear on Victoria Road at Bay Street.

Source: Evelyn Moraff Davis