About This Project

The late Jack Columbus and volunteer Fran Morrison initiated the project to put photos of the tombstones on the web. The project was continued by Lynne Davis (daughter of Harold Davis and Evelyn Moraff Davis) with the help of David Taylor (son of Beverley Davis and Patrick Taylor) who designed the website and maintains the technical side through his company Click Cures.  Beverley Davis photographed the Hebrew side of the stones.

The tombstones in the cemetery often have two engraved sides: one in English and one in Hebrew.  Where Yahrzeit dates are included on this website but do not appear in English on the stone, the dates were recovered from the Memorial Plaques housed at the Temple Sons of Israel Synagogue on Whitney Avenue in Sydney. Not all of those buried at the cemetery have corresponding memorial plaques.  Some stones are in Hebrew only.

Submissions of biographies and stories are moderated and posted by Lynne Davis. Many thanks to the volunteers who have provided information to this site, including Rabbi Chaim Weiner (son of Shirley Moraff Weiner and Norman Weiner) who translated old Hebrew tombstones into English. Photos were taken by the late Jack Colombus, Lynne Davis, and Beverley Davis.